[tor-relays] Unbalanced send/recieve

Wayne Myers wgmyers at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 16:25:37 UTC 2013

>> Is it normal to have such an unbalanced ratio or do I have to worry
>> about something?
>> In the past, I always used to recieve a quart more than I sent which I
>> couldn't quite explain, but now...

I too am new to running a Tor relay, and have consistently had a send
/ receive ratio of about 1:4 since I started. I've been worried I've
got something set up wrongly. Obviously I don't want to run a node
that loses 3 out of every 4 packets, if that's what's happening, and
if such a node is detrimental to the network overall.

> Is that an obfuscated bridge? This assymetry usually occurs when you
> are using obfsproxy with your bridge; it happens because of the way
> that obfsproxy is integrated with tor. Don't worry about it, your
> bridge works fine.

I am using the relaying option in the Tor browser bundle. Does this
mean I am using obfsproxy? Given that there is a specific obfsproxy
browser bundle, and I am using the vanilla one, it looks like I am

What else might lead to such send / receive asymmetry?




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