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Lunar lunar at torproject.org
Wed Jul 10 07:26:22 UTC 2013

Chris Sheats:
> Hey tor-relays,
> The past few months, since I upgraded my net connection to 1Gbps, I've
> hit the top 40 fastest relays and the top 20 fastest exit nodes,
> peaking to over 17 MB/s. I've always prided the fact that my ISP,
> CondoInternet in Seattle, has been very welcoming of my reduced exit
> node. In the past, the malicious activity hasn't been "too much" for
> my ISP--examples here: http://yawnbox.com/1461--but now they want me
> to shut it down. What are my options?

Is their problem the amount of work they have to do because of the abuse
and legal complaints? Then offer to handle them directly.

The best way to do so is to become the contact address for the IP. With
your Regional Internet Registry, the process is usually called SWIP [1].
The issue you might run into is that SWIP is only available for a
minimum of 8 IPv4 addresses. So they might charge you more and you might
have to switch to a new IP address.

You probably should switch to a non-exit policy while negociating. If
you and CondoInternet are not able to find a process where you could
handle abuses directly, fast non-exit relays with good bandwidth are
still a very useful contribution to the network! (and they would not get
any legal complaints)

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SWIP

Hope you'll sort it out!

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