[tor-relays] Final Warning Notice

Chris Sheats yawnbox at gmail.com
Wed Jul 10 00:03:22 UTC 2013

Hey tor-relays,

The past few months, since I upgraded my net connection to 1Gbps, I've
hit the top 40 fastest relays and the top 20 fastest exit nodes,
peaking to over 17 MB/s. I've always prided the fact that my ISP,
CondoInternet in Seattle, has been very welcoming of my reduced exit
node. In the past, the malicious activity hasn't been "too much" for
my ISP--examples here: http://yawnbox.com/1461--but now they want me
to shut it down. What are my options?

Forwarded email:

Final Warning Notice - IP address

I am writing you regarding the repeated abuse complaints that we're receiving
for your IP allocation. While we at CondoInternet are all for an open and
unmolested with Internet experience for our customers as it was one of our
founders' primary reasons for starting CondoInternet, your Tor node has
generated a disproportional amount of abuse and legal complaints compared to
the rest of our customers. We are asking that you remove the Tor node from your
CondoInternet connection or to please switch to an alternative service provider
by July 15th 2013.

We very much appreciate you being part of the CondoInternet family and do
apologize for any inconvenience this change may cause you. Please feel free to
contact me directly if you have any questions.

Operations Manager

Chris Sheats
yawnbox at gmail.com

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