[tor-relays] stats

ma455 at mykolab.com ma455 at mykolab.com
Fri Jul 5 18:39:57 UTC 2013

i'm running an exit node from 2 or 3 month, in UA, on a vps, xeon 2650 
2Ghz, 128mb RAM, debian 6
tor v0.2.3.25-1

on atlas there is some stat on those days it's seem to be at max 100Kb/s


but on arm or with iftop i'm beetween 300 and 900Kb/s download and the 
same in upload

my load average is 4.74, 2.97, 2.98
there is just tor on this server

this append form the beguining,

there is a problem? who is right? can you help me to verify if my node 
is fine configured?


PS: sorry for my english is not my first language

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