[tor-relays] running relay severely degrades network performance eventually

caesars at tormail.org caesars at tormail.org
Tue Jan 22 03:21:36 UTC 2013

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> On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 04:31:01PM -0700, Nicolas Bock wrote:
>> every time I run a relay on a Comcast cable connection, after a while (a
>> few hours to days) other network operations such as DNS lookups slow
>> down
>> to such an extent that the network becomes unusable. Unfortunately I
>> don't
>> know how to exactly pinpoint what the problem is, but found that the
>> only
>> reliable solution at such a point seems to be to reset the cable modem.
>> Is that a known issue? Could you suggest how I can diagnose this more
>> accurately?
> Two likely possible causes:  either your relay is using a lot of
> bandwidth and causing congestion, or your cable modem is doing NAT and
> the many active TCP connections from the relay overload the modem's
> feeble mind.  Try reducing the maximum bandwidth in your torrc and see
> if that resolves the problem.
> To get closer to a root cause, I'd use mtr,
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MTR_%28software%29 , to compare performance
> during a "speedy" period and during a "slow" period.  Specifically, I'd
> "mtr -u some-nearby-IP" and switch to "last" mode with the 'd' command,
> twice.  This lets me see where in my pipeline the slowdown is likely
> occurring.  If the location of the bottlenck changes over time as the
> visible performance gets worse, then there is a clue where the
> performance change is coming from.
> -andy
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