[tor-relays] ServerAstra from hungary allows exit relays

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Sun Jan 13 13:11:41 UTC 2013

On Sun, 13 Jan 2013 05:37:44 +0600
Roman Mamedov <rm at romanrm.ru> allegedly wrote:
> My history with DigitalOcean ($5/month), in/out/total:
>       Dec '12      4.99 TiB |    5.32 TiB |   10.31 TiB |   44.00
> Mbit/s Nov '12      6.35 TiB |    6.84 TiB |   13.19 TiB |   43.70
> Mbit/s Oct '12      2.10 TiB |    2.26 TiB |    4.36 TiB |   13.97
> Mbit/s

A caveat on digitalocean. I signed up for a trial (and am happy) but I
couldn't believe that my current traffic level was sustainable long
term at that price point. So I specifically asked the question "what
can I realistically use?" They replied:

"We are currently offering free bandwidth and we certainly appreciate
you reaching out to us because you are pushing a substantial amount and
we do have backend processes running that constantly run consistency
and health checks and bandwidth usage is something that we monitor.
Mainly for detecting abuse or otherwise suspicious traffic.

Your current traffic level of 32-40Mbps is fine. In the future we will
eventually switch away from a free bandwidth model. Initially we roll
out features to make everything simpler and to gauge our customers
usage and to understand how to best cater the service to their needs."

So - prices /will/ go up and/or bandwidth allowance /will/ go down.




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