[tor-relays] ServerAstra from hungary allows exit relays

george torwell bpmcontrol at gmail.com
Sat Jan 12 21:52:39 UTC 2013

sorry claude for kidnapping your thread, thanks for the information BTW :)
and sorry everyone else for reviving an older thread.

i just want to ask, from others experience,
if what im getting from my service provider is a reasonable deal.
for 10 euros a month they allow me about 115GB daily traffic in each
and its not throttled after that, its just what they asked me to put in my
and with the bandwidth they give me its exhausted in about 12 hours each
what do you guys think?

On 9 January 2013 06:12, Claude <longneck-accounts at scratchbook.ch> wrote:

> Hi
> I want to share my experience with a hoster I discovered about a year
> ago: https://serverastra.com/
> I set up a non-exit relay in feburary 2012. They offer a VPS with
> 100Mbit unmetered traffic for about 15$/month. Here are the vnstat
> stats: http://paste.scratchbook.ch/view/26af6ae0
> Recently, I asked them if I am allowed to run an exit-relay.
> They answered:
> --
> For now our ToS allows Tor nodes. but please be advised they are really
> easy to abuse. We will try to protect the network with our firewall in
> case of problems (we already experienced spam from ToR networks). In
> any case a ticket will be opened upon abuse case and we will try to
> keep both sides confidentiality during negotiation. Happy New Year!
> --
> They are really cooperative! They also set me up a reverse DNS. So
> everything runs fine and fast. Although they sometimes encounter
> problems with DDOS-attacks, which affects the bandwith. But this only
> happened twice last year.
> Claude
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