[tor-relays] Hello guys. Is is possible to choose one's Entry Guards?

Coyo coyo at darkdna.net
Wed Jan 9 01:21:40 UTC 2013

I didn't realize the TOR Project had their own mailing list server, 
though it makes sense.

I'm studying tor relays, especially obfsproxy, and I thought I'd go 
ahead and ask a question.

If you have a hidden service, and hide that on Server A, then have it 
connect via obfsproxy to Relay B, can you configure a manually-chosen 
list of entry guard relays to enter the wider Tor Network from Relay B?

[Hidden Server] -- obfsproxy --> [Bridge Relay] -- tor --> [Specific 
Trusted Entry Guard Relays] -- tor --> [TOR Network]

Is this currently possible?

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