[tor-relays] DigitalOcean, cheap VPS that's ok with middle relays

Andreas Fink afink at datacell.com
Tue Jan 8 19:56:18 UTC 2013

On 08.01.2013, at 20:51, Moritz Bartl <moritz at torservers.net> wrote:

> Hi Micah,
> On 08.01.2013 19:47, Micah Lee wrote:
>> FYI, I just discovered a VPS provider DigitalOcean, and they seem fine
>> with people running non-exit nodes:
> Thanks for the hint. In general, I don't see why VPS providers would not
> allow internal Tor relaying, and I would not even bother to ask first.
> Interesting values to know about VPS providers are bandwidth allowance
> ("unlimited" is quite obviously a marketing term; often, limits can only
> be discovered by some months of experience) and [socket/numfile]
> limitations. Support is often reluctant to provide such values before
> ordering. A good way to characterize VPS offers is to post the output of
> "cat /proc/user_beancounters".

that seems to only exist on OpenVZ but not on fully virtualized hosts.

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