[tor-relays] Registration of a Tor node at the German Bundesnetzagentur

tor-admin tor-admin at torland.me
Tue Jan 1 21:30:20 UTC 2013


this is a question more specific for the German jurisdiction. At the 29C3 in 
Hamburg I attended a interesting talk about open WIFI (http://is.gd/9G8AVA 
unfortunately in German) who was given by Reto Mantz 

He gave the advice to register open WIFIs which are operated by non-profits at 
the German Bundesnetzagentur, because this is required under German law for 
companies (http://is.gd/vcz2pZ). I am wondering if there are Tor nodes 
operated by Germans who have been registered at the Bundesnetzagentur. >From my 
layman’s understanding of the law this should at least be required for nodes 
operated by German non-profits like CCC and Torservers. I am specially 
interested in the case of a node which runs in a data center outside of 
Germany but is operated by a German non-profit.

As I operate my nodes privately I am unsure if registration of my tor nodes is 
required. I will check with my lawyer if a registration should be done and 
could help to run the nodes more securely concerning law enforcement. Having 
information from others would help to clarify this.

Thanks & regards,


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