[tor-relays] Diagnosing "relay unresponsive" messages

Gordon Morehouse gordon at morehouse.me
Thu Aug 1 03:53:15 UTC 2013

So, I've got my relay back up on a Raspberry Pi and I'm working on
figuring out the optimizations I made to it, and continuing to tune it.
 Out of the box these machines have some difficulty even offering a
couple Mbps, but they can be greatly improved.  I will post all details
when done.

I see a fair amount of this, much less than after some tweaks, but it
still happens:

 20:27:36 [ARM_NOTICE] Relay resumed [1 duplicate hidden]
 20:27:30 [ARM_NOTICE] Relay unresponsive (last heartbeat: Wed Jul 31
20:27:19 2013)
 19:50:57 [ARM_NOTICE] Relay unresponsive (last heartbeat: Wed Jul 31

This often happens at the same time as 'arm' (the monitoring program)
may stutter, fail to render a few frames, then 'catch up' or redraw the

I'm trying to figure out what's going on so I can prevent it.  It
doesn't always correlate with traffic - it happens more often when
there's more traffic but can happen even with very little.  Tor is
taking about 10% RAM, there's plenty free, and load is under 1.0.

-Gordon M.

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