[tor-relays] Need help: High capacity exit relay does not get traffic

tor-admin tor-admin at torland.me
Sun Oct 7 12:46:51 UTC 2012


I am operating two 1 GBit/s servers which host 7 exit nodes. One server is 
located in GB with



torland1 is configured to run at maximum bandwidth, torland2 runs trottled to 
ensure not to exceed the 100TB contractual traffic limit. The nodes on this 
server get traffic as expected and are at the top of the Blutmagie Tor Status 

The second server is located in RO and hosts





The configuration for the GB and RO nodes is:

Nickname TorLandX
ORPort 443
DirPort 80
Address a.b.c.d
ORListenAddress  a.b.c.d
DirListenAddress a.b.c.d
OutboundBindAddress a.b.c.d

RelayBandwidthRate  30 MBytes  # max 30                                                                                                                                                                            
RelayBandwidthBurst 100 MBytes  # max 100                                                                                                                                                                          

MaxOnionsPending 250

NumCPUs 4

On both servers AES-NI is used by openssl.

Although the server in RO has the same configuration, same operating system 
and a similar hardware, it does not get traffic as the server in GB. At the 
moment Atlas shows for torland3-6 only an advertised bandwidth rate of less 
the 3 MB/s. The GB node torland1 shows more than 30 MB/s.

In order to test if there are any traffic limits I did several speed tests by 
doing up and downloads of a large 4GB iso image.

Downloading simultaneously with 10 curl instances from different debian 
mirrors I measured around 1 GBit/s. To measure upload I stored the debian 4GB 
iso image on the webserver of the RO server and used curl on the GB server to 
download it from RO. The maximal measured upstream speed on the RO server was 
around 750 Mbit/s. Therefore I looks for me as there are no traffic limits 
inplace by my ISP or their upstream. 

One of the servers operated by Torservers.net is located in the same data 
center and runs wau, gorz and sofia at high speed.

I am wondering why the directory authorities only measure such a small 
fraction of the available bandwidth for the RO nodes. Because I am paying 
personally for the server I would like to get most out of the server. Can 
someone who runs a tor authority please help me to understand what is the 
reason for the low observed bandwidth. 



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