[tor-relays] Setting up new Tor relay

Lance Hathaway qhltx at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 24 05:46:17 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I'm trying to set up a Tor bridge relay as an NT service under Windows 
2003 x64. It runs, but only when I -don't- pass it a torrc file.

Specifically, I've tried the following:
1. Installed service using "tor --service install". This installed the 
Tor service, with files located in "C:\Documents and 
Settings\LocalService\tor". I copied a torrc file into this directory 
and edited it to correctly set the ports and other options to be a 
bridge relay. After placing this file into the directory, attempting to 
start the service results in error 1064: an exception occurred in the 
service when handling the control request. Renaming or removing the 
torrc file allows the service to start.

2. After reading some old posts to tor-talk and tor-relays, I ensured 
that the directory has full permissions assigned to SERVICE and LOCAL 
SERVICE accounts. No change.

3. I removed the service and created a new directory for the 
configuration and log files, located at "C:\torsvc". I installed the 
service again with "tor --service install -option -f "C:\torsvc\torrc". 
I also ensured the new directory had all permissions set correctly. The 
service installed as "tor -net-service" without any options and executed 
successfully. I stopped the service and fixed the path in the registry 
to include "-f "C:\torsvc\torrc"", but then the service wouldn't start 
any more.

4. I verified the permissions on the torsvc directory. After removing 
the -f option from the service, the service starts successfully again, 
albeit without my configs (including log locations which would tell me 
what was going wrong).

Sorry to be a bother, but could anybody offer me some enlightenment on 
what I'm missing???


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