[tor-relays] tuning MaxAdvertisedBandwidth for CPU

Scott Bennett bennett at cs.niu.edu
Sun May 27 11:38:23 UTC 2012

     On Thu, 24 May 2012 13:13:56 -0400 micah anderson <micah at riseup.net>
>i've got an exit node that is doing a fair bit of bandwidth, but I think it is CPU bound at this point because I am 
>getting these: 
>Your computer is too slow to handle this many circuit creation requests! Please consider using the 
>MaxAdvertisedBandwidth config option
>i'm wondering what I should set the MaxAdvertisedBandwidth to if I am averaging this type of traffic: 
>it seems from the graphs, there are some clear plateaus at around
>5100000, but I figured that folks here might have some suggestions that
>are better than just setting MaxAdvertisedBandwidth just to that number

     Before you mess around with MaxAdvertisedBandwidth, which really doesn't
work as advertised in the man page, try just adding this to your torrc file:

MaxOnionsPending 250

That should take care of the occasional moments when the onion skin queue

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