[tor-relays] Failed to parse/validate config: failed to bind one of the listener ports

Christian brightsidedarkside at t-online.de
Sat Jun 23 23:38:50 UTC 2012

Hi dear fellows,

I'm sorry to use again this way of addressing my problem as in Vol 17,
Issue 5. It will be the last time. Promise.

I can't find any solution on the web.
When starting tor, it always reads "Failed to parse/validate config:
failed to bind one of the listener ports".

Furthermore, there are only empty logfiles, independent of the
configuration of the logs option "notice".

Has anyone else this kind of problem?

This is my ORPort section:
ORPort 443 NoListen
ORPort NoAdvertise

I even can't make a control port accessible for e.g. arm running on the
same machine, although I didn't use it before.

Client functionality is not working either. No connections through tor.

Tor is configured as a bridge, my OS is Ubuntu lucid 10.04 and Tor's
version is 2.3.17-beta-1~lucid+1.

It just worked until the upgrade to the new version through torproject's

I really do have forwarded external port 443 to port 9090 on my machine.

It nearly has me left in broken state dying.

I checked for new requests concerning apparmor allowance, but there were
only the ability to chown and access to /sys/devices/system/cpu/ which I
granted both.

I'm not so really competent with computers and therefore grateful for
any help.
Strange. No error logs, no function, no topic on the web..

Kind regards,


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