[tor-relays] running first Relay, low budget VPS on a Gigabit line

tim apteddy at ftml.net
Tue Jun 12 18:41:08 UTC 2012


I have installed my first Tor-Relay on a low priced test VPS (1 BTC/m)
hosted in NL some days ago.
Today iftop shows the VPS puts 35 MByte/s in both directions through the
line. *Phew*
The hosting plan includes 50GB per month so I'm a bit over the fair use.

What would you do? Let it run? throttle down? do no harm?

Other than expected I only got a short mail with ssh login from them.
The answer to my question if customers get some kind of admin-panel was:
no, this would be higher security risk. contact us we do it in 2 hours.

Any suggestions how to measure the traffic would be appreciated, must be
roughly 12 TB the last 2 days.

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