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Mon Jun 20 21:04:01 UTC 2011

The others are for research/educational use only. The greenlandconnect
that transits between canada, greenland, and iceland is either super
lossy or broken because it's not deep enough for icebergs to clear it.

: The talk about Iceland is trending it as a low latency midpoint,
: datacenter heaven of the finance and DR world.

This is sort of comical given the volcanic activity on Iceland
throughout its history. However, the pending IMMI legislation may
provide further incentive to host there as countries continue to censor
the Internet in various ways. The Iceland National Police were not
opposed to Tor once they understood what it is. See for some details.

Overall, my exit relay there was fine, it was the bandwidth costs that
killed it. Paying ISK120 per month for the host with free incoming
bandwidth but paying ISK10,000 for the outgoing bandwidth was just

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