[tor-relays] Exit policy question

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Fri Jun 3 14:10:56 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jun 03, 2011 at 12:27:08PM +0000, Sven Olaf Kamphuis wrote:

> plus, who still cares about smtp anyway, its pretty much dead, 300 spam  

If you think SMTP is dead, you're way out of touch with reality.

> mails per day and just 1 or 2 real emails a week, anything important is  

If you receive 300 spams/day, and your volume is not 50000 emails/day,
there's something wrong with your spam filter.

> handled over skype and other transports which have "friends lists"  

Skype? That thing that's blocked on corporate networks, and the
kind of company that autoinstalls malware despite explicit user's
wishes? The kind of company just purchased by Microsoft, which
forebodes plenty of great things in the future?

> nowadays. if they don't fix their protocol to have friends lists, they  
> have no right to complain.. we're gonna completely shut down smtp soon  

Who is this 'we' kemosabe?

> enough, its old, dusty, not peer 2 peer (hardly any open relays  

It *WORKS*. And is an integral part of corporate communications.

> left),insecure (no pre-approved senders/friends list) slow (graylisting),

Insecure? Never heard about StartTLS or PGP/S/MIME?

> unreliable (spamhaus idiots), and pretty much, dead (number of real  
> emails per week vs the number of junk per hour ;).
> even more dead than that other piece of crap from the past, ftp and  

Ftp is dead, too? Nobody told me. 

In fact, ftp and mail server is the first thing that people yell about 
when it goes down. 

What are you going to tell us next? That nobody uses telephones,
and there are no fax machines? Really? You sure?

> gopher :P
> anyway, an access lists which allows http and https but -not- to  
> hotmail/gmail/rest of that crap would not be too hard to make.

P.S. As someone who bitches about email, notice you're using
email, and you top-posted and failed to trim the message.

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