[Newbie] Installed relay, but no traffic

Justin Aplin jmaplin at ufl.edu
Tue Dec 7 00:16:18 UTC 2010

On Dec 6, 2010, at 6:01 PM, Mick wrote:

> "Justin Aplin" <jmaplin at ufl.edu> wrote:
>> Since I don't see etherape on https://torstatus.blutmagie.de I'm
>> assuming your relay is either configured as a bridge, or you've  
>> turned
>> it off. Either way, let it run interrupted for a few days and see  
>> what
>> happens.
> Etherape is a network monitoring tool, not the name of the relay.
> Mick

My bad. In that case, same advice, with the added suggestion to check  
and see if your relay is showing up in the statuses (assuming the node  
isn't configured as a bridge). Since Tor is publishing a server  
descriptor, though, I don't really think that's the issue here.

~Justin Aplin

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