[tor] Softlayer finally kicks us from their data center

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 23:28:57 UTC 2010

> On the cost side, Cogent and Hurricane Electric both sell 100 meg in
> the $400 to $500 range in top tier data centers.  You can easily get
> Gigabit for $1500 from them (unmetered).

Didn't know Cogent had gone that low yet, thx. HE is more a
provider of mixed services (colo/host/transit) than traditional
pipe though.

> But the DMCA notices go to the ARIN contact for the block.  If you
> just get service, you may not be set as the "owner" (according to
> ARIN) of the block.

Sure. I guess my mention of being an ISP should have said it was
for purposes of going naturally alongside direct allocation.
In a former life, I did send notices to upstream pipe as needed.
ie: If there was an issue requiring it... traceroute, lookup and mail.
So even an independant ISP, in their own room, buying circuit from
L3/etc, could have a ticket lodged at L3. That was also the point about
structuring. Companies layer and silo things as suits them.

>  I've been ignoring DMCA notices for 10 years

As would many rightly do, laws of other countries don't apply. Business
seeks to minimize cost, ignoring saves cost with minimal risk.

> Really, though, there's only 86 days of IPv4 allocation left (see HE's
> status page or gadget).  The time for you to set up a company, get raw
> bandwidth and speak BGP with your peers is likely come and gone.  TOR
> needs to think about IPv6.

Yep, I left that part out of my prior note. That's a big problem as far as
opening up shop as a new ISP. For this or any other purpose. Especially
if you want to keep it private [held and funded] with organic growth... no
time left for that. Save for givebacks and if IANA/etc brokers private swaps,
direct v4 allocation simply won't exist, everything will be SWIP.

The v6 net, current OS's, DNS are all ready. A fair number of popular apps,
certainly opensource ones, do v6. So yes, Tor needs to become v6 capable.

The v4 game may be played out. But given that true global v6 adoption vs
NAT everywhere has what maybe a 50/50 chance?... early v6 ISP's could
make a killing. Maybe we'll be among them :)

Oh well, kindof off topic. Cheers.

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