[tor] Softlayer finally kicks us from their data center

Zaphod Beeblebrox zbeeble at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 16:39:25 UTC 2010

On that note, I'm an ISP.  I'm not in the US.  I buy my network from
tier 1/2.  So... my comments?

On the cost side, Cogent and Hurricane Electric both sell 100 meg in
the $400 to $500 range in top tier data centers.  You can easily get
Gigabit for $1500 from them (unmetered).  So add $500/month for half a
rack and another $200 for power, and you've got your own (tiny) colo
company.  Add a few l2tp connections to carriers and you have your own
internet service company.

But the DMCA notices go to the ARIN contact for the block.  If you
just get service, you may not be set as the "owner" (according to
ARIN) of the block.  I've been ignoring DMCA notices for 10 years
(again, I'm not in the US) for both my subscribers, and (for the last
year) TOR.  The "new" thing has been RCMP calls about child porn (nice
users TOR has :).  I also get a DDOS every couple of months.  Luckily,
I can absorb most of them.

Really, though, there's only 86 days of IPv4 allocation left (see HE's
status page or gadget).  The time for you to set up a company, get raw
bandwidth and speak BGP with your peers is likely come and gone.  TOR
needs to think about IPv6.

On Mon, Dec 6, 2010 at 1:07 AM, grarpamp <grarpamp at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Bad news: We have received another DMCA complaint yesterday, and today
>> Softlayer told our ISP Midphase that they want our server removed from
> Another note for long term planning...
> It may be worthwhile to shop for a circuit from a Tier-1/2
> network entity. Such circuits are provisioned from NAP's
> where they have presence. You then need to rent only a
> rack.
> Benefit: No longer have colo/server companies as
> middlemen. The pipe is entirely yours, you're renting
> strictly real estate as real estate in a neutral facility.
> Drawback: The Tier-1/2's still have AUP's to research.
> Cost, mostly because there's nobody but you paying
> the missing oversubscription.
> Bonus: By then you pretty much need to be, and should be,
> your own colo/server compan[y/ies] as well, partly to get
> back some oversubscription. Also, in the corporate
> "structuring" to skin the cat :)
> Hello, yes, I'd like to report copyr... ticket, unable to process. Next hop...
> Hello, yes, I'd like to report copyr... ticket, unable to process. Next hop...
> Hello, yes, I'd like to report copyr... ticket, unable to process. Next hop...
> Hello, yes, I'm giving up.
> Example: Cogent used to sell 100Mb dedicated for $1000/mo. I've seen
> them at $7-$6/Mb recently for 100Mb-1Gb, full term. One could find any
> list of Tier-1's and check them.
> Also you should look at where the PirateBays, WikiLeaks,
> Torrent/Warez, free/hate speech, drug, RapidShare's, etc
> sites are hosted and the pipes behind them.
> Unfortunately, short of laying fiber and becoming a Tier-1,
> life may wind up being a series of hops. Even if you were
> a Tier-1, the others could just gang up and de-peer you.
> I'm still hoping for a worldwide net of conjoined community
> nets that are simply too big a profit userbase to de-peer
> from the commercial net.

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