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I ran some relays at Geman universities in the past. I guess my
experiences won't help here. Maybe someone on tor-relays has experience
with running a relay at an UK university, so I send this mail to
tor-relays@ too.

* Duncan Guthrie schrieb am 2016-09-01 um 01:09 Uhr:
> I'm hoping to run a Tor relay here at a University in the UK.
> Is there anyone here who might have some experience with this in the
> past? I have been researching legal issues but information is
> extremely sparse (mostly relating to the DMCA). All I can really work
> out is that the issues relating to ISPs apply more generally, and more
> strictly to a Tor exit node operator.
> What protections, if any, exist here in the UK for a Tor exit node
> operator?
> Thanks,
> Duncan
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