[tor-relays-universities] Tor on Campus

April Glaser april at eff.org
Fri Sep 19 22:13:45 UTC 2014

Hello all,

I'm April, an activist at EFF. I'm trying to reactivate this list a bit
and see who on here is still in a university and is currently running a
relay or an exit. Not only am I interested in writing about it for EFF,
but I know some new folks have joined that are struggling to try and
start one on their campus. I'd also like to start pointing interested
students to this list who want to try.

The Tor Challenge, which ended last week, had a special section for Tor
on Campus: https://www.eff.org/torchallenge/tor-on-campus.html

It'd be great if any folks could chime in and let me know about relays
or exits on campus. Also let us know if you're currently in process and
facing road blocks.

We helped one group of students in Iowa last year get past some
troubling free speech hurdles last year. The student group was banned
from forming and from even having a discussion about Tor. Now they are
in conversations with campus IT about setting up a relay. It's awesome.
Here's the story:

That's all for now!

Thanks much,

April Glaser
Electronic Frontier Foundation
415-436-9333 x154 
support our work: https://eff.org/join

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