[tor-qa] Tor Browser 11.5a1 is ready for testing

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Sat Dec 11 11:45:11 UTC 2021


We are happy to announce the first Tor Browser 11.5a1 release candidate
for wider testing. Packages can be found at:


Tor Browser 11.5a1 updates Firefox to 91.4.0esr and includes bugfixes
and stability improvements. In particular, it should fix the crashes a
lot of our Windows users have been seeing lately.

The full changelog since Tor Browser 11.0a10 is:
  * Windows + OS X + Linux
    * Update Firefox to 91.4.0esr
    * Tor Launcher 0.2.32
    * Bug 40059: YEC activist sign empty in about:tor on RTL locales 
    * Bug 40386: Add new default obfs4 bridge "deusexmachina" 
    * Bug 40393: Point to a forked version of pion/dtls with 
fingerprinting fix [tor-browser-build]
    * Bug 40394: Bump version of Snowflake to 221f1c41 [tor-browser-build]
    * Bug 40438: Add Blockchair as a search engine [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40646: Revert tor-browser#40475 and inherit upstream fix 
    * Bug 40680: Prepare update to localized assets for YEC [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40682: Disable network.proxy.allow_bypass [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40684: Misc UI bug fixes in 11.0a10 [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40686: Update Onboarding link for 11.0 [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40689: Change Blockchair Search provider's HTTP method 
    * Bug 40690: Browser chrome breaks when private browsing mode is 
turned off [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40691: Make quickstart checkbox gray when "off" on 
about:torconnect [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40698: Addon menus missing content in TB11 [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40700: Switch Firefox recommendations off by default [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40705: "visit our website" link on about:tbupdate pointing to 
different locations [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40706: Fix issue in HTTPS-Everywhere WASM [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40714: Next button closes "How do circuits work?" onboarding 
tour [tor-browser]
    * Bug 40718: Application Menu items should be sentence case 
    * Bug 40721: Tabs crashing on certain pages in TB11 on Win 10 
    * Bug 40725: about:torconnect missing identity block content on TB11 
    * Translations update
  * Linux
    * Bug 40318: Remove check for DISPLAY env var in start-tor-browser 
    * Bug 40387: Remove some fonts on Linux [tor-browser-build]

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