[tor-qa] Introducing hardened builds for 64bit Linux

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Wed Oct 21 12:54:21 UTC 2015


we are about to start a hardened Tor Browser series and the first
nightly for it is ready to get tested (on 64bit Linux systems):


Its major features are:

1) expensive hardening for tor (ASan, UBSan...)
2) ASan for the browser
3) the locales we ship/support are included in one bundle allowing to
choose the locale for Tor Browser on start-up

We plan to have something like 3) for the regular alpha and stable
series in the (near) future as well. Thus, testing it and providing
feedback is extra welcome.


P.S.: One bug I already found is related to the fact that the set of
locales we include in the nightlies is not the same as Tor Launcher is
assuming. Thus, 3) only works properly while choosing one of en-US, ar,
ru, ja and zh-CN (and having the OS locale be one of them, too). This is
bug 17399.

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