[tor-qa] TBB Testing Schedule

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Aug 31 08:45:17 UTC 2015

Katya Titov:
> It looks like we're struggling to find people to test TBB in a timely
> manner. I certainly can't find time to test during the regular working
> week any more (life changes ...).
> A suggestion: if it's possible to delay they release, then announce the
> test versions on a Friday for release on a Monday. This should allow at
> least a day for testing, taking into account timezones, and may help if
> others are in my position. Or just announce testing when ready but
> schedule the release for a Monday.

Scheduling a release for a Monday is tricky as Mozilla is releasing on
Tuesdays and we don't want to wait for a new Tor Browser release almost
a week as these releases usually fix criticial vulnerabilities in the
Firefox code.

That said, we still aim to have at least the upcoming Tor Browser stable
in a testable shape on the weekend before the release is going to
happen. This did not work out with the last release as this was an
out-of-bound one and it might not work as smooth as it should either as
uploading the test candidate probably needs to happen on a Saturday (we
get the new Firefox sources earliest Wednesday and usually need to have
two matching builds before we are confident in announcing the build to
test). Still, sounds like a thing to keep in mind especially if it means
we get the release candidates exposed to more testers this way.

> That being said, it's rare for a new release to be buggy so maybe these
> tests are not as required as initially thought. And it also means that
> urgent releases can be confidently rolled out with no or limited
> testing.

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