[tor-qa] [test result: failed] 5.0a4-build3-Fedora20-x86_64

Nicolas Vigier boklm at torproject.org
Mon Aug 10 17:54:59 UTC 2015

On Sun, 02 Aug 2015, TBB Tests wrote:

>   Test errors
>     - dom-objects-enumeration:

We have the following DOM objects that were not present in esr31:

onlanguagechange, mozRequestOverfill, back, forward, home, openDialog,
controllers, realFrameElement, MozSelfSupport, _content, Symbol,
WeakSet, HTMLPictureElement, AnimationEffect, PerformanceMeasure,
PluginCrashedEvent, MenuBoxObject, ScrollViewChangeEvent,
SelectionStateChangedEvent, DOMMatrixReadOnly, DOMMatrix,
PopupBoxObject, AnimationTimeline, PerformanceMark, DOMApplication,
IDBMutableFile, StereoPannerNode, CameraDetectedFace,
CameraStateChangeEvent, CSSCounterStyleRule, CameraRecorderVideoProfile,
CameraRecorderProfile, CameraRecorderProfiles, AnonymousContent,
NamedNodeMap, DOMApplicationsManager, ContentProcessMessageManager,
CameraConfigurationEvent, HTMLAllCollection, PromiseDebugging,
SubtleCrypto, Animation, CameraRecorderAudioProfile, RadioNodeList,
WindowRoot, CameraClosedEvent, CryptoKey, CameraFacesDetectedEvent,
MozSettingsTransactionEvent, IDBFileRequest, BroadcastChannel,
MessageChannel, AnimationPlayer

I added them to the whitelist in the test. But made a typo in
ScrollViewChangeEvent, so the test fails again on 5.0-build3:

>     - fp_navigator:

This one fails because of the esr38 user agent change. I updated the
test. It also fails because mozIsLocallyAvailable has been removed in

>     - fp_useragent:

This one fails because of the esr38 user agent change. I updated the

>     - navigation-timing:

This one is #16311, fixed in 5.0-build3.

>     - noscript:
>         tor-browser-linux64-5.0a4_fa.tar.xz

I can't reproduce the error on this one, so it looks like a

>     - searchengines:

The test was still checking for the 'Search' search engine (which is now
called 'Disconnect'). I updated the test.

>     - settings:

The error in this one is that 'app.update.auto' is set to true. This is
because of #16632. I updated the test.

>     - svg-disable:

This one was caused by an error in the test. It is now fixed on Linux.
We still have an error on Windows which I did not investigate yet.

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