[tor-qa] Tor Browser 5.5a1 is ready for testing

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Mon Aug 10 12:40:56 UTC 2015


the first alpha of our 5.5 series is ready for testing. Bundles and
SHA-256 sums can be found at:


This alpha is based on Firefox 38.2.0 ESR and tries to improve the
rendering experience with whitelisted fonts which we introduced in our
last alpha release. All the other small fixups and features we
implemented can be found in the full changelog:

Tor Browser 5.5a1 -- August 11 2015
 * All Platforms
   * Update Firefox to 38.2.0esr
   * Update NoScript to
   * Update Torbutton to
     * Bug 16731: TBB 5.0 a3/a4 fails to download a file on right click
     * Bug 16730: Reset NoScript whitelist on upgrade
     * Bug 16722: Prevent "Tiles" feature from being enabled after upgrade
     * Bug 16488: Remove "Sign in to Sync" from the browser menu (fixup)
     * Bug 14429: Make sure the automatic resizing is enabled
     * Translation updates
   * Update Tor Launcher to
     * Translation updates
   * Bug 16730: Prevent NoScript from updating the default whitelist
   * Bug 16715: Use ThreadsafeIsCallerChrome() instead of IsCallerChrome()
   * Bug 16572: Verify cache isolation for XMLHttpRequests in Web Workers
   * Bug 16311: Fix navigation timing in ESR 38
   * Bug 15646: Prevent keyboard layout fingerprinting in KeyboardEvent
   * Bug 16672: Change font whitelists and configs for rendering issues


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