[tor-qa] Tor Browser 4.0 is ready for testing

David Fifield david at bamsoftware.com
Mon Oct 13 22:07:27 UTC 2014

On Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 05:02:11PM -0500, Tom Ritter wrote:
> For what it's worth, I opened youtube, cnn.com and WebQuake ([2]http://
> webquake.quaddicted.com/Client/WebQuake.htm) and after opening those tabs was
> able to reproduce it.  It didn't appear initially.

Did you turn meek on in the configuration? Or just obfs3 as Sherief did?

My guess is that "Apps using significant energy" has some kind of
memory, and it may be showing things that used energy in the recent
past, but not necessarily right now. Maybe it was left over from a
previous time that Sherief used the bundle?

As for why the HTTP helper would be using battery, I suppose it is
because of the base64 encoding and decoding that happens between the
pluggable transport and the helper. That internal protocol is going to
get overhauled anyway for #12857, and the base64 will probably go away.

David Fifield

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