[tor-qa] Improving translation support (was pre-build announcement)

anonym anonym at riseup.net
Fri Apr 11 16:16:07 UTC 2014

16/03/14 04:05, Mike Perry wrote:
> anonym:
>> 13/03/14 20:59, Mike Perry wrote:
>>> anonym:
>>> I am very interested in arriving at a solution that works for both of us
>>> out of the box, but I also want to maintain the ability to make it
>>> straightforward to verify that the list of locales in TBB, Torbutton,
>>> and Tor Launcher are the same. This is most easily done if we have a
>>> single line of locales in an env var.
>>> Otherwise, your patch looks like a good direction to head in.
>> See the `locale_fix` branch on git://git.tails.boum.org/tor-launcher for
>> an improvement using the "alternative approach" mentioned above.
>> Hopefully this suits your needs.
> This is getting there. Functionally, it seems like exactly the right
> solution.
> However, I noticed that the resulting XPI seems to have a
> chrome.manifest with multiple locale lines like:
> locale torlauncher chrome/locale//
> This seems bad.

Apparently I forgot to force the push of my local branch, in which I had
already fixed that. Now pushed and rebased on most recent upstream.

> Can you file a ticket for this branch so we can track the whole
> translation importation improvement issue there?

Done: #11483

> We may want a couple more tweaks before merging this anyway.

Right. Let's continue this on the ticket then, I suppose.

> Also, can
> you squash down your branch to just a commit (or a commit per functional
> change) rather than preserving the history of the solution itself?

Done in the branch.


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