[tor-qa] differences between 3.x and 2.x

Katya Titov kattitov at yandex.com
Mon Jul 8 21:30:07 UTC 2013

Erinn Clark:
>* Katya Titov <kattitov at yandex.com> [2013:07:08 17:24 +1000]: 
>> I've added a few more tests: noting whether there is a system tray,
>> whether the network map can be viewed, and whether a new ID can be
>> generated without losing the current open tabs. I've added these
>> because I think that they are important, but not available from the
>> 3.x series. I'm torn between the 2.x and 3.x series at the moment -
>> 2.x provides more information and functionality while 3.x is faster.
> Good ideas and info. When we were discussing the new TBB launcher at
> our dev meeting back in February I mentioned that people would really
> dislike not having the map and one of my tasks is to have Vidalia
> built separately with the same Gitian infrastructure so we can at
> least provide it as a standalone application. I think it would be a
> bit cooler if we could find another solution not involving Vidalia,
> but I'm not too sure what the best approach would be in that case.

I'm not a programmer so I'm not sure how difficult or effective this
would be, but maybe a Firefox plugin like Collusion could work:


> The system tray one is odd. On OSX the 3.x series gives me a little
> TorBrowser icon which I assume is the equivalent functionality?

The system try itself isn't an issue for me, but rather the ability to
generate a new ID without getting rid of the Firefox window and all its
open tabs. At the moment I can only do this through the system tray,
which isn't an option for 3.x under Linux.

> And thanks for the quick turnaround, Katya and Colin.


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