[tor-project] Online Tor's Hackweek from Nov 6th to Nov 10th 2023

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The Tor Project and Tor community is going to be gathering online
from November 6th to November 9th this year for a 4 days hackweek.

## About

This is a call for projects for whoever wants to participate, put
together a team and hack through one working week with us. In the
context of this hackweek, a project is anything related to Tor
documentation that you can work with other people in 4 days. It could be
improving the documentation for a project, a tutorial or could also be a
cartoon, a screencast or anything that do not necessary requires coding
skills. You will work on this project during 4 days with other people in
your team.

This is an opportunity to discuss how documentation is working or not in
your projects, as well as thinking, proposing, researching and testing
solutions. Documentation is very important for any free software project
as it is the way for people to start understanding the work we are
doing, the way they can use our tools and start contributing with it.

In the next All-Hands following the Hackweek we are going to have a demo
in a Big Blue Button's room where your team will present the work you
did through the hackweek.

## Timeline

This will be the timeline for the hackweek this year:

* Until Monday, November 6th:
    * Send hackweek project proposals to this issue queue:
      (please use the "Proposal" issue template for the ticket

    * Before hackweek begins, start looking for other people to join
      your team.

    * In order to join a proposal you liked, subscribe yourself to it's

* Wednesday, November 1st - 16:00 UTC: All-Hands session prior to the
  Hackweek were people/teams will present their project proposals for
  other people to join their team if they want to.

* Monday, November 6th: Hackweek begins. People start working on
  whatever they want related to documentation. By this time, you should
  have a few members of your team already identified.

  Hack hack hack hack... in whatever way you organize yourself. We will
  have the room #tor in irc.oftc.net to discuss general hackweek things.

* Thursday, November 9th: Hackweek ends.

* Wednesday, November 15th - 16:00 UTC: Each team presents the work they
  did in the All-Hands session happening after the Hackweek.

## Projects

The updated list of projects will be available at
https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/community/hackweek/-/issues. Each
project can have one pad (you can use https://pad.riseup.net) and also
use it's ticket to add all information that people need to add
themselves to that project.

## References

For best practices on documentation, we recommend the following

* Diátaxis, "The Grand Unified Theory of Documentation":
* How to pick up a project with an audit:


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