[tor-project] DEMO day is happening on March 23rd at 1600 UTC

Gaba gaba at torproject.org
Tue Mar 22 15:53:21 UTC 2022


The DEMO day for this month will happen on March 23rd at 1600 UTC. I
will send the link for the BBB room a few hours before the event.

What is a Demo Day?

An hour long session at Tir Project's all hands meeting where different
people present 5 minutes ideas, tools, hacking or anything that they
think it may be interesting for the Tor  community.

Presenters will have 5 to 8 minutes and people can ask questions via
text in the pad for 3 minutes.

For this month we will have:

- Guardian Project: with Orbot for iOS https://orbot.app

- Anarcat: Undertime - Dealing with the nightmare of timezone and time
changes on the commandline in Python.

- Shelikhoo: V2Ray - V2Ray is one of the external proxies one can use to
connect to Tor network. It can help user bypass some of the most
restrictive censorship here on this planet. Combined with Tor it help
user to browse Internet freely, speedy and anonymously. Here is short
demo of V2Ray and how to use it to connect to Tor.

- Hiro: Metrics Dashboard.

- Rhatto: Onionprobe

- Jim: Using Shadow @ Tor - To test and tune tor's new congestion
control algorithm, we've been using the [shadow] simulator to evaluate
the performance of proposed changes. I'll begin by showing how to set up
and run a tiny simulation with a web server and a client, and then show
how we incrementally build up from there to push-button realistic Tor
simulations run in Gitlab CI.
[shadow]: https://shadow.github.io/

- PieroV: New censorship circumvention in about:connect in the Tor Browser.

- Richard: update about Blueprint work on Gosling and show off some very
hello world functionality.

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