[tor-project] PieroV's monthly status report

Pier Angelo Vendrame pierov at torproject.org
Tue Mar 1 09:49:25 UTC 2022

Hi everyone!
Here is my status report for February 2022.

This month I continued working on the Tor Browser connection 
preferences. I was also assigned the related changes on the 
about:torconnect page.
All the updates are on the merge request (tor-browser!254 
As you can see, we are taking care of every detail 💫! And we will 
continue working on it also in March.

Another change I worked on is the HTTPS-only mode (tor-browser#19850 
With it, HTTPS-Everywhere will not be needed anymore. However, we want 
to keep .tor.onion aliases working. Therefore, recently I worked on a 
replacement for this extension (tor-browser#40458 
I will continue working on it in March.

Finally, I reviewed some merge requests (the 91.6 rebases and 
to show IPv6 addresses on circuit display) and worked a little bit on 
Tor Browser tests.

And that is all for February 🙂.

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