[tor-project] CollecTor 1.17.0 released

Iain R. Learmonth irl at torproject.org
Thu May 13 11:48:59 UTC 2021


I have released CollecTor 1.17.0.

CollecTor fetches data from various nodes and services in the public Tor network and makes it available to the world.

This release is the sum of over 11 years of development, with the latest changes:

Medium changes

* Clean up descriptors written to the out/ directory by deleting files that are older than seven weeks.
* Correctly index files that are moved away and back.
* Include microdescriptors, certs, and OnionPerf analysis files when syncing from another CollecTor instance.
* Update to metrics-lib 2.16.0.

You can find the release at:


You can find the sources at:



P.S. the dates on the changelog and signatures will not be today, as the release was ready to go before my access was in place to upload the release, this is now fixed and future releases will be uploaded once they are available.

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