[tor-project] metrics-lib 2.16.0 released

Iain Learmonth irl at torproject.org
Tue May 4 20:28:30 UTC 2021


I have released metrics-lib 2.16.0.

metrics-lib, which also goes by the name DescripTor, is a Java API that
fetches Tor descriptors from a variety of sources like cached
descriptors and directory authorities/mirrors. The DescripTor API is
useful to support statistical analysis of the Tor network data and for
building services and applications.

This release is the sum of over 9 years of development, with the latest

  Medium changes
  * Parse new NAT-based Snowflake lines.
  * Added a new parser for the IP Fire GeoIP database files used in core
  * Tests now depend on objenesis 2.2 (previously 2.1).

  Minor changes
  * A lib folder is now included in the source distribution and does not
need to be created prior to using the ant resolve task.

You can find the release at:


You can find the sources at:



P.S. the dates on the changelog and signatures will not be today, as the
release was ready to go before my access was in place to upload the
release, this is now fixed and future releases will be uploaded once
they are available.

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