[tor-project] Anti-censorship meeting notes, 29 April 2021

Cecylia Bocovich cohosh at torproject.org
Thu Apr 29 18:20:50 UTC 2021

Hey everyone,

Here are our meeting logs:


and our meeting pad:

Anti-censorship work meeting pad

Next meeting: Thursday April 29th 16:00 UTC

Weekly meetings, every Thursday at 16:00 UTC, in #tor-meeting at OFTC
(channel is logged while meetings are in progress)

== Goal of this meeting ==

Weekly checkin about the status of anti-censorship work at Tor.
Coordinate collaboration between people/teams on anti-censorship at Tor.

== Links to Useful documents ==

    Our anti-censorship roadmap:


    The anti-censorship team's wiki page:


    Past meeting notes can be found at:


    Tickets that need reviews:  from sponsors we are working on:

    All needs review tickets:

    Sponsor 30





    Sponsor 28

    must-do tickets:

    possible tickets:

    Public bug-reporting pad:

    https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-bugs-keep <-- we have
anonymous tickets handling now. Let's see which anti-censorship repos to

== Announcements ==

    Switching default git branch from master to main:


== Discussion ==

== Actions ==

    April monthly report: https://pad.riseup.net/p/3v7ixS9pkbAdtS7TBxYW

== Interesting links ==


== Reading group ==

    We will discuss "Domain Shadowing: Leveraging Content Delivery
Networks for Robust Blocking-Resistant Communications" on April 29th


    Questions to ask and goals to have:

    What aspects of the paper are questionable?

    Are there immediate actions we can take based on this work?

    Are there long-term actions we can take based on this work?

    Is there future work that we want to call out, in hopes that others
will pick it up?

== Updates ==

    This week:
        - What you worked on this week.
    Next week:
        - What you are planning to work on next week.
    Help with:

         - Something you need help with.

cecylia (cohosh): last updated 2020-04-29
Last week:
    - created ticket to rename default branch to main anti-censorship/team#6
    - cleaned up and added a script to plot default bridge usage metrics
    - maintenance of censorship-analysis repository
        - created several new issues for analysis tools
        - closed stale issues
    - responded to gettor outage (gettor#80)
    - worked on snowflake standalone Go proxy setup (snowflake#40031)
    - worked on Go PTv2 api (snowflake!31)
    - s28 prep
This week:
    - use json for client-broker interaction (snowflake#29293)
    - congestion logging patches for snowflake#40026
    - install our snowflake app on android and try it out for a few days
    - finish revision of snowflake!31
    - onboard meskio
    - s28 prep
    - more work in snowflake standalone proxy documentation
Needs help with:
    - review of bridgedb#32276

arlolra: 2020-10-29

    Last week:


    Next week:

    - getting back up to speed

    - follow ups to #33365

    - start on #31201

    Help with:


dcf: 2021-04-29

    Last week:

    - posted results of Turbo Tunnel security audit that affect

    - reviewed broker metrics export

    Next week:

    - cooperate with switching broker messages to JSON

    Help with:

Antonela: 2020-08-27

    This week:


    Last week:

    -Took another look at BridgeDB's #27984 and resubmitted the patch

    Next week:

    -Work on bridgebox for rdsys

    -More research on httpt #4

    Help with:


hanneloresx: 2021-3-4

    Last week:

    - Submitted MR for bridgestrap issue #14

    Next week:

    - Finish bridgestrap #14

    - Find new issue to work on

    Help with:


maxb: 2021-04-29

    Last week:

    - Busy w/ life and new job, but been looking at
and working on a Docker-based network testbed POC

    Next week:

    - Really want to have a POC to show/get feedback on

HashikD: 2021-01-22

    This week:


    Next week:


    Help with: -

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