[tor-project] Community Council activity summary, April 2020-August 2020

Taylor Yu catalyst at torproject.org
Fri Sep 4 17:53:25 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Here is a brief summary of the Community Council's activities from April
2020 through August 2020. The 2019 and 2020 Community Councils
overlapped in the month of August.

April 2020

The Council talked about longer term plans for the Council's role in the

May 2020

The Council started planning for the upcoming Community Council election
cycle.  Some exploration of how to make the handover to the new Council
go more smoothly because we won't have an in-person meeting for the
foreseeable future.

June 2020

The Council reviewed an existing community health concern in the light
of new information, and began to draft a statement for internal

The Council reviewed existing practices in choosing to reject bad relays.

Given the shortage of volunteers, made a one week extension for the call
for volunteers for the next Community Council.

More reminders in more places about Code of Conduct the Community
Council, and other related documents.

July 2020

The Council took action regarding a past Code of Conduct violation by a
community member.

The Council took action regarding an existing community health matter.

The Council began the process of elections for the next year's Council.

August 2020

The Council began the transition process to the 2020 Council.

The Council continued to take action regarding an existing community
health matter.

--- end of summary ---

This summary will also be posted on the Council's wiki page.  This will
be the last update from the 2019 Community Council.

If you have any feedback about this summary format, or any other
feedback to the Council, please contact us at
tor-community-council at lists.torproject.org.

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