[tor-project] Anti-censorship meeting notes, 22 Oct 2020

Philipp Winter phw at torproject.org
Thu Oct 22 16:20:55 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Here are our meeting minutes:


And here is our meeting pad:

Anti-censorship work meeting pad

Next meeting: Thursday October 22nd 16:00 UTC

Weekly meetings, every Thursday at 16:00 UTC, in #tor-meeting at OFTC (channel is logged while meetings are in progress)

== Goal of this meeting ==

Weekly checkin about the status of anti-censorship work at Tor.
Coordinate collaboration between people/teams on anti-censorship at Tor.

== Links to Useful documents ==

    * Our anti-censorship roadmap:
        * Roadmap: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/anti-censorship/-/boards
    * The anti-censorship team's wiki page:
        * https://gitlab.torproject.org/tpo/anti-censorship/team/-/wikis/home
    * Past meeting notes can be found at:
        * https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/
    * Tickets that need reviews:  from sponsors we are working on:
        * All needs review tickets: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/anti-censorship/-/merge_requests?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&assignee_id=None
        * Sponsor 30
            * https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/milestones/4
            * https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/milestones/7
            * https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/milestones/5
            * https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/milestones/6
        * Sponsor 28
            * must-do tickets: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/milestones/10
            * possible tickets: https://gitlab.torproject.org/groups/tpo/-/issues?scope=all&utf8=%E2%9C%93&state=opened&label_name%5b%5d=Sponsor%2028&milestone_title=None
    * Anti-censorship related tickets that we want other teams to fix:
        * https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-tickets-keep <-- it will be moved into gitlab with TPO labels <-- do we still need this? The label is 'for anticensorship team'
    * Public bug-reporting pad:
        * https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-anti-censorship-bugs-keep

== Announcements ==


== Discussion ==

    * Where to put the snowflake probetest? Broker machine? Bridge?

== Actions ==


== Interesting links ==


== Reading group ==

    * We will discuss "" on
        * Questions to ask and goals to have:
            * What aspects of the paper are questionable?
            * Are there immediate actions we can take based on this work?
            * Are there long-term actions we can take based on this work?
            * Is there future work that we want to call out, in hopes that others will pick it up?

== Updates ==

    This week:
        - What you worked on this week.
    Next week:
        - What you are planning to work on next week.
    Help with:
         - Something you need help with.

  This week (2020-10-22):
        * Reviewed tpo/anti-censorship/pluggable-transports/snowflake!13
        * Reviewed tpo/anti-censorship/pluggable-transports/snowflake!14
        * Reviewed rdsys pull request.
        * Roadmap meeting for Sponsor 28 and 30.
        * Ticket maintenance; added new issues for rdsys and Salmon.
        * Worked on Sponsor 30 report.
        * Finally reviewed Tor Research Safety Board submission.
        * Call with I2P folks regarding how we can help each other wrt Snowflake.
        * Moved forward with Salmon.
            * Implemented "secret IDs" for users.
            * Started refactoring user <-> proxy mapping.
  Next week:
        * Finish refactoring Salmon and start working on cohosh's "social graph reduction" idea.
  Help with:

cecylia (cohosh): last updated 2020-10-22
Last week:
    - fixed a race condition bug that causes snowflake to crash (snowflake#40017)
    - sponsor 28 evaluations
    - made revisions to snowflake#40013
This week:
    - follow up on progress towards a telegram bot for gettor
    - work with Guardian project on Snowflake integration
    - more work on snowflake NAT matching
    - pick up snowflake multiplexing work again (snowflake#25723)
Needs help with:
    - review of snowflake-webext!7

juggy :
    This week:
        - Got very basic "suggested readings" list up and running here : https://jugheadjones10.github.io/anti-censorship-reading/
    Next week:
        - Keep studying BridgeDB to write architectural overview
    Help with:
        - Open issues here (https://github.com/jugheadjones10/anti-censorship-reading ) for papers/resources/readings that you think might be useful for newcomers

arlolra: 2020-06-11
    Last week:
    Next week:
        - follow ups to #33365
        - start on #31201
    Help with:

dcf: 2020-10-22
    Last week:
    Next week:
    Help with:

Antonela: 2020-08-27
    This week:
        - Wrapping Babatunde's research on the use of circumvention tools during internet censorship in Africa. Wrapping Personas for s30 with it.
    For september:
        - We are planning interviews with users in China to run our bridges discovery issues script in real time. We discussed to include TBA + snowflake as a task for users to run over a week or two and report back.
        - I still have bridges.tpo to lektor issue open
        - More work on UX/UI for TB 10.0/10.5
        - Review Salmon related tickets (im late with it!)

    Last week:
        -Finished first draft for #5 (rdsys)
    Next week:
        -Dig deeper into Pluggable Transports/HTTPT/Issues/#4
        -Tackle a new ticket
    Help with:
        -Review of #5 (rdsys)

hanneloresx: 2020-10-22
    Last week:
        - Took break to focus on work
    Next week:
        - #32117: Look at CAPTCHA success rate for users from the US across different types of bridges
    Help with:

thymbahutymba: 2020-04-02
    Last week:
        - CI/CD pipeline for multiarch docker images, which has a problem
          with the apt tor version even though the apt repository have been
          changed into the Dockerfile.
    Next week:
    Help with:

HashikD: 2020-10-16
    This week:
            - Finished work on #19
    Next week:
            - Network checks
    Help with: -

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