[tor-project] Tor's year-end campaign: live!

Al Smith smith at torproject.org
Mon Nov 23 20:58:36 UTC 2020

Year-end campaign update: the Use A Mask, Use Tor graphics are now
available to download as wallpapers:

The package is free to download and share, although if you use the
graphics, love Tor, and are able to contribute, we suggest a $5 donation.

Happy Monday!

Al Smith (they/them)
Fundraising • Communications
The Tor Project

On 11/9/20 10:49 AM, Al Smith wrote:
> Year-end campaign update: Friends of Tor are now matching all
> contributions (up to $100K) made to Tor.
> https://blog.torproject.org/friends-of-tor-match-2020
> Now is a great time to spread the word. :)
> -- Al Smith (they/them) Fundraising • Communications The Tor Project
> On 10/27/20 1:59 PM, Al Smith wrote:
>> Small update: we are now offering Tor masks as gifts for folks who give
>> $50:
>> https://donate.torproject.org/static/images/donate/mask-use-tor.png?h=362012d7.
>> Available through Dec 31.
>> On 10/22/20 11:34 AM, Al Smith wrote:
>>> Hello Tor world!
>>> Today we launched the annual year-end fundraising campaign on behalf of
>>> the Tor Project. This year, our theme is “Use a Mask, Use Tor: Resist
>>> the Surveillance Pandemic.” (You’ve probably seen the campaign graphics
>>> on about:tor already if you’ve upgraded to Tor Browser 10.0.1!)
>>> We chose this theme for our 2020 campaign because we wanted to use a
>>> positive message and speak to the power of community action & care. Use
>>> a mask, use Tor promotes the steps we can all take to combat the virus
>>> by using masks. Wearing a mask protects others. Wearing a mask is about
>>> caring about each other, our community. In the same way, when using Tor,
>>> you are not only protecting your identity and privacy online, but you
>>> are also helping to hide others who are using Tor. After all, anonymity
>>> loves company
>>> To put it simply, using a mask keeps yourself and your communities safe
>>> in person. Using Tor keeps yourself and your communities safe online.
>>> You can read the full justification behind the slogan, and what we plan
>>> to do in 2021 with your support, on our blog:
>>> https://blog.torproject.org/use-a-mask-use-tor
>>> Every donation made from now through the end of 2020 will count towards
>>> our year-end campaign. Be on the lookout for events, giveaways, and new
>>> merch available from now until December 31. Plus -- new swag! See
>>> https://donate.torproject.org for the new t-shirt and hoodie designs.
>>> If you’re not in the position to make a donation, you can help by
>>> sharing this message or amplifying what the Tor Project’s account does
>>> on Twitter / Mastadon / Instagram / LinkedIn / Facebook.
>>> Use a Mask, Use Tor!
>>> Thanks for your support.
>>> Al
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