[tor-project] Metrics meeting notes, 28th May 2020

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Thu May 28 15:52:17 UTC 2020


Metrics Meetings are happening every Thursday at 15UTC in #tor-meeting
in irc.oftc.net

Here are the minutes for the meeting of May 28th:


And here is the pad notes:

Agenda Thursday, May 28th, 15 UTC

OnionPerf project:

    Find out why onion service measurements have gotten slower (#34303)

    How do we catch future '#34303's?

    Define lower/upper bounds for TTFB/TTLB/circuit build times/etc. in
whichever monitoring tool we're going to use.

    Automatically run OnionPerf instances with newly changed
OnionPerf/Tor code.

    Analyze unusual distribution of time to extend to first hop in
circuit (#34257)

    karsten updates the HK instance to run a #34303-patched tor version
to see if #34303 also affects circuit build times. karsten adds
measurements to the ticket by Friday evening for dennis_jackson to look
over the weekend.

    Harmonize TTFB/TTLB definitions with Tor Metrics plots (#34215)

    We agree that it's a good change. karsten merges after the meeting.

    Split visualizations into public server vs. v2 onion server vs. v3
onion server measurements (#34216)

    acute reviews this patch.

    Update metrics-web to only plot "official" data (#33397)

    We should have guidelines for archiving experimental measurements;
like keeping a tarball of the onionperf-data/ directory, a description
of the experiment, versions used, etc.

    In the future we might want to have long-running measurements that
shouldn't be plotted on the Metrics website; like different Tor versions
or configurations. Having these in CollecTor would be convenient. We
should reconsider this when we have these use cases and see what we need.

    Fix message logging and filtering (#29369)

    phw picks this ticket.

    Any review pending to be assigned? Anybody need any help with anything?


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