[tor-project] Anti-censorship team monthly report: April 2020

Philipp Winter phw at torproject.org
Fri May 1 03:16:12 UTC 2020

Hi all,

Here's what the anti-censorship team has been up to in April:


* Merged Turbo Tunnel features into Snowflake. (Allows persisting a
  session across separate proxies.)

  Merging into Tor Browser is pending:

* Implemented measures to hand out more restrictive proxies less often.

* Split Snowflake into two repositories(one for Go, one for the
  web-based proxy code).

* Updated pion webrtc in Tor Browser.


* Moved forward with creating a feedback loop between OONI and BridgeDB.
  Work-in-progress code is available at:

* Removed PGP support from BridgeDB.  The feature has been broken for
  quite a while, is overly complex, and not particularly useful.

* Renamed a bunch of source code files in BridgeDB, so they no longer
  collide on a file system that's case insensitive.

* Made BridgeDB's email responder more usable.  The instructions are now
  more clear and it will return with bridges no matter what -- even if
  the user's request was malformed.

* Improved a Python script that tests BridgeDB's email responder by
  periodically sending email.

* Made progress towards improving the robustness of BridgeDB's email
  autoresponder, so it no longer gets confused by Gmail's
  quoted-printable responses.


* Fixed a bug caused by malformed email addresses.

* Refactored to remove duplicate code.

* Cleaned up logs.

* Fixed a bug in the service shutdown code.

* Removed a bunch of old GetTor code.


* Reviewed a submission for the Tor Research Safety Board.

* Moved forward with creating a "censorship snapshot" that encodes how
  each country blocks Tor.  Eventually, this snapshot should help Tor
  Browser figure out how to best circumvent in each country.

* Built a prototype of a lightweight censorship analyser that's meant to
  be run by censored users.  It can help us create the censorship
  snapshot in #28531.

* Created a new mailing list for anti-censorship service outage alerts.
  If this interests you, you can subscribe here:

* We organised two reading groups, in which we discussed the following
  two papers:


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