[tor-project] Network health meeting notes, 16 Mar 2020

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Mar 17 08:24:32 UTC 2020


Here comes the summary of our weekly network-health meeting we hold
yesterday in #tor-meeting. The IRC log can be found at:


The items from our pad (both discussion and status related) can be found


    - strategy for moving #32672 forward (pinging relay ops on social
media etc.) [GeKo: we decided to have two social media campaigns/pings:
one now that the patch for that ticket got merged and one once it is
about to reach a stable release. ggus is working on that. GeKo is
talking to the network-team folks about a timeline for getting the patch


  Last week:
    - more sbws work
    - #32864 (I wrote a script to parse the JSON output and contacted
affected operators)
    - got back to EFF for the legal questions update
    - looked again at #33361 for review
  This week:
    - more #32864 (further testing and tweaking new script and
bad-exiting first relays)
    - more sbws work (#33599, #33009)
    - start work on exit relay blocking problem by large websites/CDNs
etc. (#33500 etc.)
    - start looking closer at bad relay scanners we have and issues that
have accumulated (#33180, #33181)

juga (probably offline):
  Last week:
    - Continued with child of #30719: #30905 (change state values when
sbws is restarted)
    - Had voice meeting with GeKo and ahf (separately), we decided or
      - to have regular meetings the 3 of us together (so nice to talk
by voice!)
      - to report back in the network-health weekly meeting
      - migrate trac to gitlab.tpo soon, migrate remaining tickets in gh
to gitalb.tpo, make reviews in gitlab.tpo
      - we will run longclaw bwauth with last maint-1.1 branch to be
able to detect bugs before migrating all bwauths to sbws, since
currently we don't have a way to test sbws as it'd run for several days
and doing so would require quite more time
      - i'll make minor changes in #30905 (not just bugfixes) because i
don't think there's currently a way to know when things happened storing
only numbers
      - general overview and history of sbws (why things are like they are)
  Next week:
    - Continue with #30719
    - Continue with #30735

  this week:
    - Tweet about 0.2.9 and 0.4.0 patch


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