[tor-project] February 2020 report for the user experience team

Antonela Debiasi tor at antonela.me
Wed Mar 11 13:15:00 UTC 2020

Hello Tor,

We started February in the rainy Berlin. We met Firefox's folks at their
bi-annual All Hands gathering and we discussed regular topics around our
collaboration. After that, many of us met at FOSDEM. We specially
enjoyed the talk diogosergio gave at the Open Design Track. You may want
to watch it!

S27 Onion services
We spent February on implementing an approach to move forward with the
onion names' problem. We found that organically, developers have been
approaching this problem in different ways, mostly with solutions
tailored for the pleasure of their own service. Given that there is not
a complete solution that works perfectly for all our user groups, we
also approached this problem with a broad angle. From headers to
centralized lists we are trying to allow end-users to have an experience
close to the defaults without losing security: type a memorable domain
at the URL bar and reach an onionsite, anonymously.

As we update the URL bar to show the alias, the circuit display will
allow users to check the origin onion address for integrity. Impressive
work, acat!

You can read more about this process here

OTF Usability Lab: Tor Metrics
Last year we applied with Simply Secure for an OTF Usability Labs grant
for working on the next iteration of the metrics portal. The proposal
went through,and Nina Vizz will lead this project. Gaba and I as well
Metrics Team folks, we will be the stakeholders of this project.

User Research
Nah and Piliattended the Open Design meetup, theusability testing
workshop before FOSDEM. They built together a "Download Page" research
that S9 partners will be running in March along with trainings.

We made progress on setting a workflow in git for our upcoming user

We worked on the Onion Services Research, we expect to run it virtually
and in person.

Since we may need to localize some of this materials, emmapeel suggested
to have it in .md format. We will be working on it during March.

We finally iterated torproject.org/download. We included a label for
each operative system, we improved the discoverability of the signature
files and we also made it look better in small screens.


During February, ICFP fellowship Babatunde has been traveling through
Nigeria and Cameroon interviewing users who have been experiencing
information controls. He is now digesting all this material and we will
work together on expanding Tor personas in order to inform our work on s30.

We have updated more websites with new contentstill, no new languages
added but soon we will.
Also, we helped Snowflake and Tor Browser teams with the translations
and reviewsof the next features release.
We got some more reviewers but still, more is needed. If you are
interested in being a reviewer of a language just ping emmapeel on irc!

Emmapeel and alsmith helped draft the MOSS proposal for the Linguine
project, to prepare an open platform for translation.
We submited a joint DRL proposal for continuing our work on user
research with communities with Guardian Project and Tails. Thanks Al and
Pili for working on this narrative and estimations!

Open Team
If you missed those, February weekly meetings notes are here:

Peace and love,


Antonela Debiasi
UX Team Lead



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