[tor-project] Network health meeting notes, 10 Mar 2020

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Mar 10 08:55:54 UTC 2020


Yesterday we had another round of our weekly network health meeting in
#tor-meeting. The IRC log was captured, as usual, by meetbot and can be
found at:


(If you ever asked why there are sometimes pings like "Sebastian,
weasel, micah, arma1, stefani: dirauth update. Thanks!" in our
#tor-project channel seemingly out of the blue, be sure to read the
meeting log above as it contains an explanation of that is going on. :))

The details from our meeting pad are as follows:

    - How to move forward with #32672 (bridges, timeframe, other nagging
efforts to upgrade)? [GeKo: phw whill contact bridge operators this week
and we'll make some recommendations for the network team as to when to
merge the patch in our meeting next Monday]
    - How do we adjust meeting times due to DST? [GeKo: the plan is to
keep the UTC meeting time for now and move to 1800 UTC once the
Europeans have switched to DST as well]


  Last week:
    - more sbws work (help with reviewing #30726, started to look into
#33009 thinking about how to best test a fix within the integration
tests framework)
    - looking at the bridges situation for #32672
    - resume work on #32864
    - feedback reviews
    - look at ggus' Tor legal questions pad
(https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-legal-questions-keep); email draft: ()
    - tracked down a bug in stem
that our doctor checks hit
    - the usual bad relay activity
    - sent out monthly team report for February
    - input for DRL proposal
  This week:
    - more sbws work
    - #32864
    - getting back to EFF for the legal questions update

  Last week:
    - Worked on #33570 Correct the relays to keep after retrieving new
    - Worked/revised on #30726 Missing relay keys in bandwidth file spec
  Next week:
    - Continue with #30726 Missing relay keys in bandwidth file spec
    - Continue with #30719 Work out why 90% of sbws measurements fail

    Not much related to network health.


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