[tor-project] Notes from Vegas Meeting MARCH 5 2020

Erin Wyatt ewyatt at torproject.org
Fri Mar 6 06:38:17 UTC 2020

Vegas Team Meeting Notes
March 5 2020:


- Should we cancel or reschedule the NY gathering from April or not?
	Resolution: Maybe we'll move it to May and hope for the best.
- SVN people SVN! Can we move it to nextcloud?
	Resolution: tl;dr: we’ll keep it for now.


1. Network health work
2. Alex's and my talk at foss-north got accepted (https://foss-north.se/2020/schedule.html#slot19), yay!

1. Donation flow changes in www and tor browser
2. S27 is almost done
3. Slowly starting with S30
4. End of the month duties
5. Sent peer-feedback
6. Writing onion browser review
7. Reviewing OTF Learning Lab work

1. more work on libvirt/ganeti migration (#33085)
2. more work on check.tpo replacement
3. peer feedback work
4. taxes form wrangling
5. more gitlab patch review, hiro is finalizing the migration of the test instance to a new server right now!
6. znc irc bouncer debugging (#33483)
7. CiviCRM mail rate expansion monitoring (#33189)
8. more routine work (PGP key expiries, mail delivery problems #33413, etc)

1. Mike: I told Jim Newsome that when you have your act together, you'll be reaching out to him to describe our use cases and wishlists and goals for what we want from Shadow. That way he can have them in mind as he makes Shadow improvements, and who knows maybe he'll even lead the activities you ask for.
2. I'm planning to not submit a Defcon talk this year, since "every other year" is a fine rate for me. I am imagining to submit a CCC talk instead (finally). If you have opinions, please help me think through what is best to submit.

1. Traveling: should we cancel or reschedule the NY gathering from April or not?
2. SVN people SVN! Can we move it to nextcloud?
3. Sponsor 30 check-in
4. Trac is up to date in my inbox
5. or library size reduction coordination
6. update time allocation usage
7. network team retrospective
8. peer feedback
9. gitlab follow up

0. I will not be at this meeting as I'm traveling home from a conference in the other side of DK at this time.
1. Feedback writing and making sure I have received everything from folks as it comes in.
2. Network Team retrospective went well.
3. Going to dive into our new Gitlab setup on Friday.
4. End of month tasks.
5. Talking about Tor today in Aarhus with the Danish engineering union and on Wednesday at the University College in Odense.
6. Some follow ups from 1:1's, but the team seems to be doing good.

1. Finishing peer and self feedback
2. Catching up on DoH stuff so I feel more comfortable contributing. Matt and I will be talking about it more today so we can write a response.
3. Wrote an op-ed for Bitcoin Magazine
4. Newsletter went out Friday. GR did some testing and now it goes out in 3 hours and not 24.
5. Wrapped up Outreachy mentoring with annalee_! She completed projects of updating the press list and fixing blog tags. Submitted final feedback
6. Working with OTF learning lab on dark web demystifying. Also working internally to connect larger onion services goals.
7. Social media
8. Helping with NY event coordination

1. Moving ahead with details for San Francisco and NYC events while monitoring covid19 developments.
2. Peer feedback.
3. Grants team working on DRL and OTF proposals.
4. Taking over fundraising related tasks from Jon.

1. 1st round of interview for ED assistant candidates (2nd round will be this coming week)
2. Reviewing proposals due this week (DRL Scalability work / DRL w/ tails and guardian project / OTF browser work)
3. continue to work on invites for EFF party and creating a plan b in case of covid-19 intervention :)
4. Writing self feedback
5. multiples 1:1 - including irl 1:1 w/ matt in nyc

1. End/Start of month maintenance tasks: Tor Browser february report, trac backlog review, etc...
2. S9 sync
3. Moving github sponsors forward
4. Dealing with GSoC queries and updating ideas list accordingly
5. DRL Proposal
6. OTF Proposal revisions
7. Applied to the Learning Lab to showcase new features from Onion Services project
8. Trying to figure out if we're going to have someone from Tor attending a writing sprint for an online digital security training course
9. Some work on the dev portal - Dev teams should expect a request for feedback in the next few weeks :)
10. Peer and self feedback
11. Tor Browser Release meeting this week

1. Reminder: all written feedback due tomorrow, March 6th (self, team lead, and peer)
2. Traveling, scrambling to get things together. I will be working remotely for most days (my time is on the AFK calendar)
3. Making progress on Exec Assistant recruiting
4. Still haven't gotten PTO's out, but it's still in top 3 spots on my list, hoping to get to it soon!
5. Contracts updates (still working on)

1. Exit scanner transition almost complete. \o/
2. Added dirbytes reported by dirauths (#33065), deployment still in progress.

1. Helping with DRL proposal
2. Working on employee feedback
3. Untangling a decade of Tor organizational dysfunction, so I can get back to fixing its technical dysfunction.

1. Reviewing Cleopatra's work (RT and documentation updates). Final feedback is due March 9.
2. Contacted partners that submitted proposals for our Tor Village and asked them if they want to be part of remote training program.
3. Traveling tonight for a workshop with journalists.
4. Submitted Tor activity to CryptoRave
5. Folks from a non-profit asked us if we can write a comment about strong encryption and human rights
6. Sponsor9 sync meeting
7. Still writing peer feedback
8. Outreachy: new contribution period starting today. We have two projects this round: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/Outreachy
9. Reviewing DRL proposal.
10. Community Team is organizing a new Documentation Hackathon. plz open more tickets: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-project/2020-March/002748.html

1. Hoping for releases in 5-10 days.
2. Starting on walking onions writeup
3. Wrapping up feedback. I might be late, but not by more than a day or two
4. Went to event on decentralized web yesterday. Interesting people, but I might have gained more had I known which days other stuff was happening. I should learn from this.
5. NYC event- go or no go?

1. Collect team feedback
2. Moar Tor Browser releases
3. OTF Tor Browser proposal
4. (Beginning) W3C involvement
5. Conversation about engaging in IETF discussions around IP privacy \o/
6. Writing peer feeback

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