[tor-project] Network health meeting notes, 3 Mar 2020

Georg Koppen gk at torproject.org
Tue Mar 3 08:16:33 UTC 2020


Yesterday, we held our first weekly sync about network health issues in
March 2020. The IRC log can be found at:


What we were up to in the previous week and what we plan for the coming
one (plus discussion items we had) can be found below:


    Guidelines on ethical operating a relay with operators
[GeKo: ggus will start contacting folks to figure out where we are here]

    Changes to DNSBL service:
Is everybody ok with this changes? [GeKo: Looks good to me]


  Last week:
    - getting up-to-speed for sbws review/work
    - making scripts for better bad relay rejecting available to others
(see: #33182)
    - more work on #32672
    - feedback reviews
  This week:
    - more sbws work
    - looking at the bridges situation for #32672
    - resume work on #32864 and maybe start improving Arthur's exit
scanning (#33179)
    - feedback reviews
    - look at ggus' Tor legal questions pad
    - maybe pick up #33009

    Last week:
        - Contacted relay operators from Latin America. Some of them
replied and updated their relays.
        - Worked on EFF Legal FAQ - this is ready -
    This week:
        - Start to contact relay organizations so we can share our
census form.
        - Send our commenets about EFF Legal FAQ to EFF.

  Last week:
    - Worked on #30899 include the commit hash in the sbws version
    - Revised #30196 Add the tor version to the sbws bandwidth file header
    - Started #30726 Missing relay keys in bandwidth file spec
  Next week:
    - Continue with #30726 Missing relay keys in bandwidth file spec
    - Continue with Revised #30196 Add the tor version to the sbws
bandwidth file header
    - Continue with #30735 Work out which relays are ignored by all sbws
    - Introduce sbws to gk?


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