[tor-project] Discourse? (was: Disabling Comments on Most Blog Postings (was: Re: Have "anything goes" blog post?))

Kushal Das mail at kushaldas.in
Wed Jun 24 05:47:03 UTC 2020

On 24/06/20, George Kadianakis wrote:
> The [tor-relays] mailing list might have been a cool support forum 15
> years ago but I think nowdays people would prefer a more modern
> interface to getting support and love. Staying frozen in old-sk00l
> mediums like IRC and mailing lists severely limits the parts of our
> community who is not used to such ancient technology (and that part will
> only keep growing as time move forwards as it usually does).
Discourse will be a great add as the support platform, but we should
make sure to keep the mailing lists alive for the real disucssion. As
many of the Python folks already found the similar issue in the
discuss.python.org. While it has a much newer interface, but may not be
that great of an interface while tracking any large discussion. 

Also, is there any plan to move to Mailman3 for our mailing lists? It
has a much nicer web interface and other useful updates.

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