[tor-project] Discourse? (was: Disabling Comments on Most Blog Postings (was: Re: Have "anything goes" blog post?))

Kushal Das mail at kushaldas.in
Tue Jun 23 04:55:30 UTC 2020

On 22/06/20, Antoine Beaupré wrote:
> I would like to bring back the idea of using Discourse as a replacement
> for all our support channels (RT, blog comments, and other
> feedback/support systems). It has a nice system to promote community
> members as moderators while still giving us the ability to have the
> final call on content (as administrators).
Discourse is simple and nice to use compared to comments on a nice.
Also, the idea of community moderators works well in that.

> This would be a nice way of reducing the number of services (Drupal and
> RT) at the cost of possibly creating a new more complicated one
> (Discourse) or trusting a third-party provider (Discourse.net, although
> we already do that with Drupal).
Discourse is also helping a few other non profits by hosting for free.

> It would also allow us to switch to a fully static website for the blog,
> naturally. It would also address the problem of "how do I get an account
> on GitLab to file a bug report" (for which the answer would be: you
> don't, go on discourse for now and we'll do the triage).

Static blog will also reduce the maintainance burden. 

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