[tor-project] Tor Community Portal: Feedback from the Digital Security Helpline

gus gus at torproject.org
Tue Jun 2 15:58:46 UTC 2020

Dear Beatrice,
Thanks so much for this awesome feedback! 

In the next months we will work on more materials for Training Resources
section based on themes that some of our partners are working right now.

I'd love to chat with you more about this. Would you have time for a
call this week or next week? 

Feel free to reply this message in private. 


On Thu, May 28, 2020 at 11:55:04AM +0200, Beatrice Martini wrote:
> Dear Tor Project Team,
> My name is Beatrice Martini, and I am the Education Coordinator of the
> Access Now Digital Security Helpline. Nice to e-connect!
> I am writing you to share my most positive feedback on your new Tor
> Community Portal. Congratulations on the launch and thank you for your
> great work!
> It is truly a brilliant resource, and I was glad to share it with the
> rest of the Helpline Team.
> In particular, I very much appreciated the Training section, and the
> detailed information regarding the training (and its follow-up!), best
> practices, code of conduct and tips on risk assessment. I think that
> both experienced and newer information security trainers will find these
> resources extremely helpful.
> Thanks again! I am looking forward to learning more about upcoming
> developments of the Community Portal.
> Best,
> Beatrice
> -- 
> Beatrice Martini
> Education Coordinator
> Digital Security Helpline
> Access Now | <https://www.accessnow.org/help>
> PGP fingerprint: F94F 205E A3E4 6979 E719 8D16 0C5F 23FF 7D5B 5AEC
> <https://pronoun.is/she>
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